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The players are planning a private performance of Romeo and Juliet in Mask of Night. The play is staged as part of an effort to halt the feuding between two families.

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When Shakespeare's friend, Dr. Fern, is stabbed to death backstage, Revill seeks out the killer while the violence continues.


A Kirkus Reviews contributor felt "the lunatic serial killer subplot doesn't quite mesh with the more rational history. He soon becomes entangled in political intrigues involving the negotiations of a peace treaty between Spain and England—including a conspiracy to derail these negotiations. A series of suspicious deaths leads Revill to begin considering those around him as possible suspects, including Jonson himself. Although a Publishers Weekly contributor found the mystery's resolution "less than satisfying," the reviewer went on to note that "Shakespeare fans will be intrigued by Gooden's intriguing use of themes from both Othello and Hamlet.


This time, fourteenth-century writer Geoffrey Chaucer , before his days as author of the Canterbury Tales , is on a case that involves him helping the English monarch King Edward III secure political relations with a French nobleman. When an assassin of unknown loyalties commits a series of murders, Chaucer and his companions set out to solve the crimes.

A Kirkus Reviews contributor noted the author "wraps a muted mystery in a crackling adventure and some top-notch history. Among Gooden's nonfiction works are reference books that both guide and entertain. These include his award-winning Faux Pas? In this volume, Gooden rates some words and phrases from the French, Latin, German, and eighteen other languages with a "pretentiousness index," and includes sources in which the words are used, most from various British newspapers.

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Philip Gooden read English at Magdalen College, Oxford, and then taught at secondary level for many years. In he became a full-time writer. He is the author of the Nick Revill series, a sequence of historical mysteries based in Elizabethan London and set around Shakespeare's Globe theatre.

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  • He has also written the popular Who's Whose? He lives in Bath where he is currently working on the first in a new series of historical novels. Poet and diplomat Geoffrey Chaucer, newly returned from a delicate mission to Florence on behalf of Edward III, is despatched to sort out a home-grown problem in the Devon seaport of Dartmouth. Geoffrey expects to solve the theft of the cargo of a wr As a poet on a diplomatic mission, Chaucer must Three years after his secret mission to Aquitaine, poet and diplomat Geoffrey Chaucer finds himself once more embarked on royal business.

    After an arduous journey in the spring of , he reaches Florence, a city twice the size of London and the ban Before Geoffrey Chaucer became a poet and diplomat, he was a junior member of one of the royal households.

    In he is about to embark for France and the wars. It's the summer of and the Spanish are in London. Many years after the ill-fated Armada, they are negotiating a peace treaty with the English.

    Gooden, Philip (Philippa Morgan)

    Nick Revill's acting company is given a ceremonial role at the celebrations. But not everybody welc In the last decade of Elizabeth I's reign, Nick Revill, an aspiring young actor, comes to London seeking fame and fortune. Once there he gains employment with the Chamberlain's Men.

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