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And parents and adult kids who can find the humor in their frustrations tend to have an easier time in their relations with one another, Fingerman adds. Many of us may see worries as negative emotions, but worrying about someone may make them feel more loved, according to another study by Fingerman The worries adult children and their parents experience for one another.

International journal of psychophysiology : official journal of the International Organization of Psychophysiology, , May. Do you think you could let me come to you when I need some support?

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That would really help me do better and be less reactive toward you. Like every individual, each family has its own idiosyncrasies.

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Get familiar with your shadowy sides, babes. It doesn't mean you have to be good at sex with everyone. Who needs Elon Musk's opinion on work hours? Take a break from trying this tense trend. At least you could've said goodbye, guy. Fake Instagrams can bring genuine relationships. Who knew? There's no better time to ask "What sparks joy? Bruce Willis himself zip-lines to safety.

My hose is probably long enough. First step of this plan will be confirming what movie Bruce did the zip line thing in.

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Our roof is two stories tall, so that kind of communication is going to be very important no matter which of these nuggets of ideas we end up running with. Got, like, three rakes in the shed out back, locked and ready to go if necessary. My house is pretty sturdy, though. All I know is that I gotta figure out something soon.

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  6. Clickhole The Onion The A. Some babies are born with mouth problems. Such congenital defects of the mouth can't usually be prevented though folic-acid supplements before and during pregnancy may lower the risk of cleft palate and lip.

    Avoiding alcohol and smoking as well as excessive weight gain during pregnancy may also reduce instances of birth defects like cleft lip and palate. Premature infants often have suckling difficulties due to mouth issues, too — not only because their suckling reflex is often immature but also because they've been through a lot mouth-wise. It happens when the frenulum—a band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth—is too short, causing babies not to have enough tongue mobility. Some babies can attach but then compress the nipple causing sore breasts and clogged duct s.

    What you can do.

    Smoking, Pregnancy, and Babies

    A doctor can also do a simple procedure that loosens the band of tissue, eliminating the issue altogether. But the tighter the band of skin pulling on the lip or tongue, the more problems your baby is likely to have getting them to work effectively when it comes to nursing. What it is: A high palate or arched palate is when the roof of the mouth is shaped in a way that is too high or narrow. It can be linked to other birth defects and behaviors such as chronic thumb-sucking , or it can happen on its own.

    How it affects breastfeeding: The shape of the roof of the mouth can cause your baby not to be able to latch correctly which can cause moms sore or bleeding nipples as well as feedings that are too short. What you can do: Talk to your lactation consultant who can help adjust your position so you can achieve a better latch. Holding the baby lower and meeting the nipple from below can help.

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    What it is: This happens when your baby uses his tongue to push things out of his mouth including your breast while nursing. How it affects breastfeeding: Tongue thrusting can cause your baby to push your nipple out of her mouth unintentionally and make maintaining a good seal difficult.

    Can You Breastfeed a Baby With Mouth Problems?

    What you can do: Talk to your lactation consultant about adjusting your position. In more minor cases, a cleft can appear like a tiny nick on the lip and other times, it can be fully open. Some babies are born with both a cleft palate and a cleft lip. If your baby cannot generate suction, this can hinder her ability to stimulate milk production and let-down.

    With cleft palate, breastfeeding directly from the breast is usually impossible, but pumping breast milk and bottle-feeding with a specially-designed bottle will work until surgery fixes the problem.