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I was walking one warm night alone as usual coming back from the library when I saw her she was breathtaking, she towered over me at 6 ft tall had long golden blonde hair and tan long legs only accented by the fact she was wearing a pair of jean shorts so short I held my breathe when she bent over actually looking at her strong ass checks stuck out.

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She looked lost. But there it was in a soft silk voice "excuse me Miss" I blinked "Me" I asked "yes you, she purred can you help me take these things up to my dorm room, I just transferred and running a bit late. I picked up her bags and followed like a puppy dog into my Dorm building onto MY Floor and to a room marked advisor.

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I am Diva she said as she reached across and gave me a hug. I could feel her nipples through her shirt brushing my arm and I gasped. I quickly replied Thank You and ran to my room. I shut the door behind me. I quickly changed in my pj's and laid in bed to sleep but all I kept doing was thinking about Diva. I was growing wet and I stuck my hand between my lips and began to pleasure my self thinking of what was under that little bit of clothes she was wearing. I came quickly but it was like a fire I could not quench I wanted more.

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I ended up masturbating 4 more times before falling asleep that night. For about 2 months, Diva would stop by my room and ask me why I wasn't going Why, I stayed in all the time Did her dress make her ass too big I talked to her opening up a little more each time. But not telling her that she was all I thought about as I played with my clit almost every night making myself cum over and over all while thinking of her touching her, kissing her, making Love to her over and over. I knew I would be there in no time. When she let me in, her room was covered in white candle lite all over.

She was wearing a short white silk robe and had her hair in a bun, she was wearing white Mary Jane's with a 5 inch heel. She walked over to me and pulled her hair down. Now Angel, lets see what I have to work with. She started to undress me slowly exclaiming at the perfect size of my nipples how yummy my breast looked and then at how neat my pussy was shaved and that the curtains matched the rug.

I was standing there naked and I was so scared she was going to see the wetness between my legs. She sat me down on the bed and started brushing my hair then she turned me around and started putting make-up on me. We started chatting and I told her I had never been kissed. She slowly moved in and kissed me gently on the lips I sighed, it was so soft and sweet.

She then told me to open my mouth a little, I did as I was told and she placed her tongue inside my mouth, I groaned with desire. She pulled away smiling "I knew it she said "knew what I asked.

You like me! Diva cried NO I quickly denied it scared of losing her as a friend. Diva charged, we will see and she stuck her hand between my legs and felt the wetness. I was shocked, I got up from the bed and started grabbing my clothes stammering "I am sorry Diva" I will understand if it's too weird to be friends with me anymore and started getting dressed through tears. I did still sobbing. She slowly took my face and kissed my cheek then my lips then she placed her tongue in my mouth again.

Taking her left hand and cupping my right breast rolling my nipple between her fingers. Taking her right hand and untying her robe to reveal a golden body naked and glistening. I took it all in then I kissed her again "Teach me Diva" Teach me how to make you feel good "I begged.

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She took my face and pushed to her breast I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked rolling her nipple between my tongue and teeth. Getting bolder with each moan and sigh Diva made. I placed my hand between those Sun kissed thighs and felt her wetness rubbing her clit slowly with long movements. I felt her shudder. I become brave and moved my mouth down to her pussy inhaling the sweet musk of her scent and I began to lick her pussy. Slow Long strokes with my tongue licking every inch of her pussy from front to back until she was grinding it in my face.

I began sucking on her clit and stuck one finger inside of her until I found the sweet g-spot and I began caressing it as I sucked and licked her clit. Diva began Bucking wildly. OH My God!! Go sober. You want to remember your first lesbian sex.

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Go Safe. Read up on lesbian safer sex and be prepared to bring the topic up with your partner. Unfortunately, safe sex is still not talked about very often in the lesbian community. It all begins with fantasy. What are those thoughts? Does she throw you down on the bed and have her way with you?

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Or do you go skinny dipping in your backyard pool? Use your imagination here pull out one or two things from your fantasy to try out and see how it feels in real life. Leave the toys in the drawer. There will be plenty of time to learn about and play with sex toys. Let your first time be simple flesh-on-flesh love. Take your time. Touch her all over.

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Undress her slowly, appreciating every newly exposed piece of flesh. Kiss her elbows. Touch her breasts. Blow softly in her ear. Kiss her neck.